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ACC Roundup

Bryan Strickland has a rundown on where
he thinks ACC schools stand heading into the meat of the season.

State fans are a passionate bunch, even if they are sometimes overshadowed by
their Triangle neighbors. Take
this letter to the editor, for instance.
We didn't see the game,
though we did comment on the fouls called on both teams. If the refs
are trying to call games for the SEC,
it may not be working as well as they hope.

Some interesting comments here about
how Dave Leitao is managing his players.
Adrian Joseph is learning how
to play defense, and Leitao sat J.R. Reynolds down to spend some time alone,
which apparently helped.

This article from the Charlotte paper about David Noel is from Saturday, but
we missed it. And you probably were busy too. So here
it is.

We've kept up somewhat with Rashad McCants and his career thus far at
Minnesota. Long story short: coach Dwayne Casey wants better defense and more
Here's an update.