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ACC Roundup

Obviously at Christmas, things are quite slow as far as ACC hoops goes, but
we'll round up what we can, including some stuff we couldn't get to on Christmas
Eve because, well, because it's Christmas of course.

Somehow, a lot of people seem to be somewhat overlooking what N.C. State is
doing. Yes, they still play a weak schedule, with a couple of
exceptions. But in years past, they'd get by the cupcakes and then lose to
the good teams, and muddle through the ACC enough to get an invite to the NIT,
or more recently, the NCAA. This
bunch is looking quite versatile
and pretty darned good.

Former UNC star Raymond Felton is starting
to become a valuable member of the Hornets
- oops, Bobcats - but Bernie
Bickerstaff says there's no need to rush things.

And certainly our hearts go out to Rasheed Wallace and family as his
cousin was killed in a shootout
during an attempted drug bust.

Yes, on the one hand it is stupid to traffic in drugs, and even more stupid
to shoot at cops, but that pales when the loss is personal.

Here's another link on UVa's
blowout of Loyola.