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Everyone Was Wrong (Including Us) And Shav Was Right

We have to admit, we were among those who thought Shavlik Randolph was nuts
to go pro last season. Quite honestly, we thought he'd be in the smoking leagues
by now.

When he was signed by the Sixers, we assumed they would keep him around for a
few weeks and let him go.

Didn't exactly work out that way, as he
has become a key part of Philly's lineup
and turned into a rebounding fool.

Probably the only person who was sure he could do it was Shavlik himself, and
he has made his point. How is it that he can play so much better in the
pros than he did at Duke?

Partly it's bound to be that he was always sick or injured at Duke.
Part of it, too, may just be a change of environment.

Whatever it is, he had a tough career at Duke, and we're very happy for him
that he's doing so well. We were shocked and disappointed at his decision,
but obviously he was right and the rest of the world was wrong. So go Shav.