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Big 12, SEC Mull Challenge Of Their Own

Looks like the Big 12 and the SEC are going to mimic the leading conference
in basketball and start
their own challenge
. This one may be limited to four teams from each
conference, and at some point, in some year, that means that one conference is
bound to send four stink-em-ups out to dash ESPN's ratings hopes.

The SEC, after a few down years, is apparently ready to promote itself:
if they can't whup up on the Phillips 66 Conference, they'll try to take on the
Big Yeast.

Big whoop. A triple header isn't exactly a cage match to the death anyway.

If anyone - and this includes the ACC - wanted to make a big impression, and
if the NCAA would allow it (and they would be wise to do so), why not get a real
challenge going? Take eight teams from the ACC and the Big Ten (or
whoever) and seed them into a tournament. Then let them kill each other.

That would be simply huge.