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ACC Roundup

Here's a little update on how
a young Clemson team is developing.

Wake Forest gets Princeton on Saturday, and with
the Tigers struggling
, it could be a good chance for Wake to make a

Amazing isn't it, when you think about it, that a team like Princeton has one
of the most potent auras in basketball?

And Virginia travels all the way to Gonzaga for what is probably an
impossible assignment. Upsettting Gonzaga per se is not
impossible, though it would be hard. But UVa has no answer for Adam

Speaking of UVa, Doug Doughty blasted UVa fans the other day, and darn that
Internet, they
blasted right back.

State has George Washington coming up at the end of the month, and a
lot of State fans may be surprised when they see Danilo Pinnock.

If you haven't heard, that game was moved from the 31st to the 30th.

In other Saturday action not mentioned above, UNC hosts Santa Clara,
Virginia Tech faces Stanford, and Bowling Green takes on Stanford.