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Doherty Update!

Now that Matt Doherty is working again, his true feelings about what happened
at UNC are gradually coming out. In a recent interview, he said that
"I'll take my share of the responsibility. There could have been more
support from upper management, quite frankly. They're the ones who came after

In his latest comments,
he admits to getting angry
, but only this past summer:

"But when I jumped back in this summer and I was taking over a fix-me-up
job and had to move my family again, that's when I dealt with that departure
(from North Carolina) and that's when maybe I got a little angry at my alma
mater. That's normal. You go through that process. That's part of the reason I
needed to coach again, to get that behind me."

Perhaps more interestingly, in the same article, his A.D. says, "I think
this will be a good chapter in his book, where he can come and resurrect a young
program, and maybe then he'll go back to an ACC job."

So let's rule out the other N.C. schools immediately. Not only would it
be very difficult to hire a UNC guy, but they are more aware of Doherty's issues
in Chapel Hill. So who else?

UVa? Not likely. Maryland? Please. B.C.?
Conceivably. A Catholic coach in Boston with ACC roots and strong ties to
New York could be seen as a plus.

But maybe one of the southern schools is more likely. Clemson might
take a chance, although that seems a bit unlikely. Tech? That's a
proud program. Hiring from UNC wouldn't go over well, unless it was a hall
of famer, and there are only three of those, and Dean is retired, Larry is not
far away, and Roy's going nowhere.

So really that leaves FSU and Miami, and that we could see. Doherty, if
he does a great job at FAU and manages to keep his emotions in control, could
make a push for one of those jobs. Wouldn't it be spectacular to see him
flying to Chapel Hill for his revenge?