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ACC Roundup

Normally Princeton would be a compelling game for an ACC team, in
this case Wake Forest
, but this year, the Tigers, so far, are pretty
toothless. In their last game, against Monmouth, they only managed to
score 21 points, which is really bad even by the slow standards of the Princeton

Monmouth zoned Princeton. Wake won't have to do that unless they choose
to - their athleticism is far beyond Princeton, and since coach John Thompson
left for Georgetown, Princeton has really struggled. But after that
demolition, PU can expect to see a lot of zone until they prove they can handle

Wake will probably be in a crappy mood anyway after losing to DePaul, a
team currently pretty pleased with itself

On the other hand, they gave up 84 points to a team which was missing one
starter and saw their center only play six minutes after reinjuring an ankle.

Doug Doughty has a
big rip of Virginia fans posted on,
and some clarification of
Dave Leitao's comment suggesting that J.R. Reynolds isn't a very good player, as
quoted in the Richmond paper.

In College Park, the
Terps are seeking consistency
. And especially at point guard.

A lot of people might not realize that FSU's
Jason Rich and Ralph Mims go back a long ways.