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A Few Women's Links

The women's team is currently taking exams and will spend 13 days between
games, but there are a few bits and pieces to read. First, after her Under 19
squad was named USA Basketball Team of the Year, Coach G was named USA Basketball Coach of the Year. Speaking of congrats, a
belated one goes to Abby Waner, who named ACC Rookie of the Week a couple of
weeks ago
for the second time. Coach G discusses Abby and much more in a
teleconference. She points out that the team is turning the
ball over way too much as they?re trying to push tempo, and also notes that
the defense has been inconsistent. While the team has a ton of talent, the
learning curve will be steep once January rolls in. Gail is very pleased with
Lindsey Harding?s development, noting that she truly is a coach on the floor
for Duke and knows exactly what Coach G wants. In many ways, Lindsey is the
team?s MVP right now. Having her around makes Mo Currie better because
Currie doesn?t have to worry about running point. She makes Wanisha Smith
better because Nish doesn?t have to do it either and it allows her to attack
from different angles. It certainly improves the team?s defense, and her
newly-pure shot adds another significant weapon to Duke?s offense. Lastly, a
bit of fun at the WNBA?s expense from the Onion, which name-checks Monique