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ACC Roundup

We haven't watched the entire Maryland-B.C. game yet - we recorded it for
later - but oy, what a mixed bag it was. It seemed in one respect like a
normal ACC game - tight down to the wire, with lots of tension - but the
overriding theme of the closing minutes of the game was mistakes, mistakes,
mistakes. If it wasn't Travis Garrison missing a layup when Maryland was
one point up, it was Tyrese Rice rushing a three point jumper without even
a pass after crossing halfcourt when B.C. was down 63-62. Then
Maryland fouled in the closing seconds to stop the clock and put B.C. on the
line. And then with 2.2 seconds left, Maryland flubbed the inbounds pass
and turned the ball over to B.C. - under their own basket.

School Conference Overall
Duke 1-0 9-0
Maryland 1-0 7-2
Georgia Tech 1-0 4-3
Virginia Tech 0-1 7-3
Virginia 0-1 3-3
Clemson 0-0 8-0
Wake Forest 0-0 7-1
Boston College 0-1 6-2
NC State 0-0 6-1
Florida State 0-0 5-1
North Carolina 0-0 5-1
Miami 0-0 6-3

So naturally, given the tone of the last few minutes of the game, of course
Boston College would throw the ball over the intended receiver. It was
picked up by Ekene Ibekwe, at the other end of the court, to preserve a two
point win.

On the one hand, you have to remember these are kids, and, particularly in
the case of Tyrise Rice, a freshman to boot. But still: what an awful way
to end a game. And we mean the last seven minutes or so, not just the last
2.2 seconds.

And somehow, Craig Smith got five fouls - all in the second half. When
was the last time you remember a player of his caliber doing that?

Amazingly, fans stormed the court. Why? In the Duke-Virginia Tech
game, where Duke really didn't play well, the shock of Sean Dockery's shot led
to a court-rushing, but that was pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime deal.
And there was nothing else in that game worth rushing the court about.

Exam time is here, and in Chapel Hill, they say they're
having to really buckle down.
We're sure - they're basically doing two
full-time jobs. It can't be easy to be a college athlete.