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If Duke Gets All The Calls, Why Is Redick Black-and-Blue?

By now, Duke fans are used to seeing people say Duke-gets-all-the-calls, yada,
yada, yada, like
in the Indiana student paper,
where Ryan Phillips says "[w]hat if Duke
wasn't Duke? It's a well known fact that the Blue Devils get plenty of gifts
from the referees in nearly every game they play. Had two or three questionable
fouls gone the other way, the final result would have been different."

Now let's ask: WWJJS?

"I'm not going to comment on the officials," JJ Redick said
after the game, "but I'm getting held every time down the floor."

We'd also like to remind everyone that J.J. had to get a new jersey late last
season because his had been so thoroughly stretched out by people holding it in
a vain attempt to stop him. And if you happen to have the ACC Handbook, take a
look in the Duke section. There's a photo of Redick ready to either drive
or shoot. Look at his left elbow. That's a very nasty-looking wound
on the inside of his left arm.

Redick has for the most part not whined much about what he's put up with,
preferring instead to let his game do the talking. But between the
physical abuse he takes and the disgraceful things said to his family at
Virginia Tech and Maryland last season (Tech fans are proving to be almost as
bad as Maryland's, unfortunately), if he pipes up and says he's taking a lot of
abuse, well, it's hard to argue.