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Duke Women #1 in AP, #2 in USA Today Preseason

Duke finished just ahead of Tennessee in the first AP
of the season, and just behind the Lady Vols in the USA
Today/ESPN poll. Happily, the two teams will get to settle things in
Cameron on January 23rd. It will be a superb matchup of two teams with
depth, power, speed and skill.

As far as the rest of the ACC goes, the ESPN poll had UNC at #8,
Maryland at #14 and NC State at #24. Boston College, Florida State and
Virginia all got votes. In the AP poll, UNC was #7, Maryland #14, and NC
State #23.

Back on the home front, Mistie Williams has a Halloween-themed blog entry up, where she also
discusses some of the activities she pursues in her free time. I've also
been meaning to link to our pal Bonanza's Duke women's hoops
, which currently features some interesting statistical analyses.

Back to ESPN, they have their annual preview up. Here are some assorted
Experts' Picks
Duke favored in ACC preview
Coach G and Mo Currie chat wrap
Duke breakdown