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Our League Can Kick Your League's Butt!

With their hyper-expansion, following the ACC's expansion, the Big East wants to be known as the best conference in America. You can probably guess where we can stand.

Obviously, UConn, Syracuse, Louisville, and Villanova will be solid. But before expansion, Providence, Seton Hall, and Rutgers had trouble keeping up. Pitt has had a few decent years, but historically, they have been bad. West Virginia will be solid as long as retain their coach, but are you counting on a big NCAA run annually? Or the NCAA, period?

The power schools are powerful, but the lesser lights have a lot to prove.

If the Big East thinks they are so great, they can re-up for the ACC-Big East Challenge. They quit because they kept getting pounded, and that tells you what you need to know.

Louisville will help, but the others may struggle.