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ACC Roundup

In Challenge action Tuesday night, Wake nipped Wisconsin 91-88, FSU just
destroyed Purdue 97-57, Clemson took out Penn State 96-88, Illinois got past UNC
68-64, and Tommy Amaker's Michigan beat Miami 74-53.

Wednesday night games feature Georgia Tech at Michigan State, Minnesota at
Maryland (after losing to Gardner-Webb!), Northwestern at Virginia, N.C. State
at Iowa, and of course Duke at Indiana.

Tech will likely lose, Minnesota may play angry but should lose, Dave Leitao
should have some awareness of Northwestern since he coached at DePaul, but may
not have an answer for former Blue Devil Michael Thompson, and N.C. State has a
chance to make a major statement with a win at Iowa. And lest we forget,
UVa just played Richmond, so they can address any shortcomings against the
Princeton offense Northwestern runs.

In Tuesday's games, while UNC and Illinois were both dreadfully sloppy in
spots, it's hard not to spot the pluck with which UNC is playing. David
Noel is doing a great job of providing direction and passion, and the freshmen
look pretty solid, although UNC gave up a lot of threes and didn't hit many in

Keep in mind, though, that what you are looking at now, excluding Hansbrough,
is basically UNC's bench next season. That's going to be a tough transition for
those kids.

True, FSU won by 40, but when the other team just more or less hands you the
ball and invites to run away, winning by 40 is deceptive. Nice game for
them, but not particularly informative.

Michigan hit Miami with an 18-3 run in the second half to put that game out
of reach.