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What They're Saying In Bloomington

"We're going to make them run with us and see if they can keep up. They
won't expect us to be as fast as we are."
Marshall Strickland

From the IU student paper:

This year's returning Indiana native is freshman starting forward Josh
McRoberts. Let's show him what he's missing by spending his college years in
Durham, N.C.

Need some ideas?

I think "Your State Hates You," "We Don't Need You" and
anything referring to him as a "traitor" should work.

5. Stay classy

Remember, we aren't Maryland fans. Last year they brought out all sorts of
cheers and signs about J.J. Redick's sister. Even though he's the most hated
player in college basketball, there is a line and they crossed it. Heckling is
fine -- I encourage it -- but we're a classy bunch of kids at IU. Remember that.
(Unless you're yelling at McRoberts, then say whatever you want.)

Come to think of it, maybe we shouldn't focus any of our heckling on Redick.
Maybe silence will throw off his game.

As for the actual game, I don't like to make predictions, but you might want to
bring your court storming shoes.

"[J.J. Redick] has a complete game, so he's going to be a tough
assignment. But I'm up to the challenge."
Lewis Monroe

"They're all open shots. The key to this basketball team is playing
together as a team and making the extra pass. Tonight we had 29 assists on 36
baskets, and we're averaging right at 28 assists per game. When we make the
extra pass, guys are shooting open shots, and we have guys who can make open
shots. It's just unselfish. You have those nights where you don't make shots,
but I think when you have open shots your percentage definitely stays high.''

"It's open shots, it's open shots. When you look at the shots that we're
taking, I think we took one contested shot in the first half. I won't call out
any names who did that (he looks at Wilmont) but he came out immediately. And we
took another 3-point shot later. But we want to take open shots. That's what we
want to do, no matter if they're from 15 to 16 feet, or from 4 to 5. We don't
mind taking contested shots around the basket. I think when you take open shots,
and you move the basketball around. We've never passed the ball like this
before. I love this team because of the unselfish play. We have guys on this
basketball team that can score 20 points on any given night, and they're letting
the 20 come to them."
IU Coach Mike Davis

"We have every guy contributing for us. I think that gives us one up on Duke -- we are just
deeper than they are."
Marshall Strickland

"It is going to be a game of wills, definitely. We
want to make them play our game. If we start letting them set the tempo of the
game, we could have some troubles. We have to make them run with us, and I think
we will have some success."
Marshall Strickland