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ACC Roundup

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No great surprise here - Ohio State beat Virginia Tech. The biggest
surprise is that Tech made more of a game out of it than we thought they
would. Ohio State didn't lock it up until the last two minutes of the
game, winning 69-56.

A lot of people were startled that Gardner-Webb almost beat UNC, but as big
as that surprise was,
for them to beat Minnesota on the road was just huge.
Minnesota goes
to Maryland next either as a basket case for losing to a lesser light or with an
immense chip on their shoulder.

In Tuesday night's games, Wisconsin visits Wake Forest, Purdue is at Florida
State, Clemson is at Penn State, and Illinois is at UNC. To us it looks
like Wisconsin and Illinois winning, Miami is at Michigan with Michigan having a
slight edge, and Purdue having a shot at upsetting eternally erratic Florida
State, despite injuries, only because FSU is always capable of blowing it.

In UNC's game, both teams will sport
new togs

UNC and Wake each have a wild card.
For Wake it's Trent Strickland,
who seems to have grown up; for UNC,
it's the freshmen
, and no one knows yet how well they'll do.

Incidentally, we understand that one-time Wake recruit and son of former great Len Chappell Jason Chappell is starting for the Golden Gophers. Subplot!