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Looking Back And Forward

After the NIT, Coach K says that the
real story is Drexel
and how they illustrate the parity in college ball

In the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, Duke plays Indiana, at IU, with five days
rest. Indiana has basically played no one so far, so there's no way to
tell how good they are, although
the early reviews are positive.

Cem Dinc, who was supposed to be sensational, is only getting 4 minutes per
game thus far. Since he's one of only two guys who are over 6-8, that's
too bad. And A.J. Ratliff has missed much of the early season with an

So far, they have five guys scoring in double digits, but again, they have
played four laughers, winning by an average of 35.3 points. Mike Davis
hasn't been thrilled with the defense
, although he has been happy with the
three point shooting, which has been sensational by any standard.

As we mentioned elsewhere, given what happened to Sean May last season, Josh
McRoberts can expect to get the same sort of treatment. He has begun to
show flashes of brilliance and a bit of a mean streak, so it will be very
interesting to see how all this coalesces in Bloomington, where the Hoosiers
seem increasingly confident.