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ACC Roundup

Well would you look at this: Illinois-Chicago just beat the crap out of
Georgia Tech. Didn't see that one coming.

Flames beat Tech 73-51.
Ouch! at home no less.

B.C. just
barely beat Drake,
87-84. Drake is now coached by former B.C. coach
Dr. Tom Davis.

Florida State had a 17-point-lead on Florida
but blew it
. Leonard Hamilton said his team was not very disciplined.
Well you're the coach, big guy - discipline them!

In other news, Florida beat App State (big whoop), and Virginia Tech beat
Morgan State (even bigger whoop).

And UNC took out UCSB, 83-66. Sounds like David Noel had a great game
for the Heels.

Saturday's games:

  • Clemson vs. Charleston-Southern
  • NC State vs. Notre Dame
  • BC vs. Oklahoma State