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Another Big Upset And An Instant Classic

What a fun night in college basketball! Gonzaga and Michigan State had
an epic game in Hawaii,
with Gonzaga winning 109-106 in triple OT.
Instant Classic!

And Bucknell, after winning considerable respect for knocking Kansas out of
the tournament last year, continues to impress, beating
Syracuse in the Carrier Dome
. They had a 13-2 run to put it away late.

We didn't see the game, but we're wondering if they won it by shooting over
Syracuse's zone.

Apparently not: foul shot, layup, layup, in the lane, and five foul shots to
seal the deal.

Be forewarned - Bucknell visits Cameron on January 2, when Duke is at its
most vulnerable, after exams and the Christmas break. And no Crazies
around. Ay carumba!