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A DBR Reader Takes A Stand

We were a bit unsure about linking to this site because we generally avoid
politics as much as possible, and we have no interest in taking sides. But after thinking about it, we decided to
link Joe Sinsheimer's

We are not impressed with the news about N.C. House speaker Jim Black, but we
haven't followed it that closely either. But the reason we decided to link
Joe's site is not because we want to run Speaker Black out of Raleigh.

Pretty much the whole stinking bunch of them need to go, and we mean both
sides of the aisle.

There was a time when state government didn't seem so thoroughly corrupted.
In fact, it was a national model.

Now, though, whether it's corruption over the lottery or the pork industry
buying legislators or the idea that North Carolina is a fine place for Northern
states to dump their garbage, well, enough is enough.

Black can go as far as we're concerned, and he can take the whole lot with
him. The legislature is an embarrassment to this state, and the sooner
they're all turned out, the better off we'll be. And if a few people get to share quality time in prison with former agriculture commissioner Meg Scott Phipps, so much the better.