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Duke Plays EA Sports Tonight!

The Duke women's team is hosting the EA Sports All-Stars tonight in Cameron at 7pm. The team
is a collection of former college players, including Brittanny Jackson &
Courtney McDaniel of Tennessee, Jess Strom of Penn State, Terah James of
NC State, Fallon Stokes of Georgia Tech and Katie Bulger of West Virginia.
Duke will be missing a few players due to some minor injuries. Monique
Currie will sit out due to a mildly strained thumb and a sore foot.
Keturah Jackson is still nursing an ankle sprain, and Jess Foley rolled an
ankle in practice and will rest it. With the team's depth, they can
afford to dip further into the roster and see what the younger players can
do. Tonight's starting lineup will likely be Alison Bales, Mistie
Williams, Wanisha Smith, Lindsey Harding and probably Abby Waner.

By the way, check out Jess Foley's latest blog entry. The line, "the trip was
just one big multilingual speaking sleep fest..." still cracks me up.
Lastly, Emily Waner has a Q&A up at Duke's website.