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WXDU Sports - Tonight @ 7 pm

The past week in sports is so busy that we're not sure if we can cover it
all in 1hr30mins. But we're going to try....

- The Blue Devils* almost* upset the Tar Heels in yesterday's season
ender but fell 24-21 after a successful late drive from UNC resulted in the
game winning field goal.
- We'll discuss the BCS picture as we look at the top 25, including an
analysis of USC's comeback victory over Fresno St.
- The men's basketball team has started its regular season and we'll
recap their games vs. Bostun University, Seton Hall, and yesterday's contest
in Cameron vs. Davidson.
- Terrell Owens, the Eagles, and the week in the NFL, including all of
Sunday's games and a look ahead to Monday night.
- Duke field hockey and women's cross country and their quests for
national champioships this weekend.

All that and more on "The Sunday Night Feast" tonight @ 7 pm.
Listen live at : or 88.7 fm
Call us: 919.684.8870