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ACC Roundup

an update on Matt Doherty
, who says he should have gotten more
"guidance" at UNC. That's probably true in some respects, but if
you're in your forties and haven't figured out that you shouldn't treat people
like crap, the guidance you are missing should have come from your parents, not
from Chapel Hill. Maybe he still doesn't get it.

Where have we heard this before...great offensive player, questionable
defense, tends to be enigmatic and says and does stuff that causes him problems
he later says he doesn't understand...oh, yeah...Rashad McCants! His
coach is not impressed.

In Charlottesville, Dave
Leitao is setting standards and requiring more
out of his basketball

In Chapel Hill, meanwhile, UNC is trying to figure out how
to rebuild
after their seven top players left after the title game.

Miami brought in a
very promising class
, with four players who are all interesting people in
their own rights. Guillermo Diaz, who
is moving to point guard
, is expected to lead them.

In a late game last night, Miami was upset by Air Force.