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Jacobs On Assists And Turnovers Under Coach K


Duke Squads With More Turnovers Than Assists Under Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski (25 Seasons)

Year A-TO Deficit Per Game Record
2005 421-454 33 -1.0 27-6
2003 444-462 18 -0.5 26-7
1987 544-554 10 -0.3 24-9
1983 398-478 80 -2.9 11-17
1982 283-342 59 -2.2 10-17
1981 330-412 82 -2.7 17-13
  • When Krzyzewski says the ’05 Blue Devils were one of his poorest passing squads, the statistics back up his observation. Not since the depths of 1983 was a Duke team worse in its per-game ratio of turnovers to assists.
  • Duke failed to reach a Final Four in any of the six seasons in which it had more turnovers than assists.
  • The Devils have been to 10 Final Fours in the Krzyzewski era, all since 1986. In other words, across a 20-year span, if the Dukies were sufficiently adept ballhandlers to manage a positive ratio of assists to turnovers, they stood a 10 in 17 chance, nearly 60 percent, of reaching a Final Four.
  • Impressively, Duke had more assists than turnovers for 15 consecutive years from 1988 through 2002.
  • The primary ballhandlers were not glaringly weak on Krzyzewski teams that had more turnovers than assists. In each of those six seasons, the erstwhile playmakers had a positive ratio of assists to mistakes, including both Daniel Ewing and Sean Dockery last year. Of course, getting teammates the ball in the most advantageous position is part of a point guard’s role, too.
  • Krzyzewski squads managed at least 104 more assists than turnovers five times: 1885, 1992, 2000, 2001, 2002.
  • The ’01 Blue Devils, the school’s most recent national champions, averaged 4.4 more assists per game than turnovers, best under Krzyzewski.
  • Two of Krzyzewski’s three NCAA title teams had at least 120 more assists than turnovers (1992, 2001).