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ACC Roundup

UNC had
no major issues with Catawba, winning 89-63
behind David Noel with 18.
Obviously they
have lost a lot since last year
, but it's not like they're not going to
field a team.

Well, this is not impressive: Virginia
Tech lost to Bowling Green
. And at home no less. And after tipping
the ball in the wrong basket at the buzzer
. That's a terrible way for
a freshman to start his career. You have to feel for the kid.

On Sunday, Virginia Tech gets to make amends with Western Carolina in
town. What some of you may be missing is that the Catamounts have a
certain advantage: their new coach is former State assistant Larry Hunter,
who is a really good coach. He was fired as a head coach despite a solid
record because his administration felt 20 wins wasn't enough. This at Ohio

He obviously watched Virginia Tech closely last year and knows exactly what
they do and don't do well, and the Hokies do not know who he has or what they
do. It may not be enough, but it is an advantage.

Ohio is in the MAC, the same dangerous conference which brought forth Bowling
Green. Western is in the Southern Conference, which is not as good, but
Davidson and Wofford have had some big victories in recen years. And the
pressure now is on Virginia Tech. They set up a number of cupcakes, and if
they start 1-2, (VPI beat Radford on Thursday) they are in a major hole. Already.

Miami nice: the
Hurricanes are very excited about their freshman class
, and expecting solid
contributions early.

Rebuilding continues at Clemson, and the
Tigers are pointing towards an NCAA bid.

Down in Boca Raton, Matt Doherty has licked his wounds, considered why he
failed at UNC, and
says he's rarin' to go again
. Look out, world.