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ACC Roundup

Wake Forest just
barely beat George Mason,
83-78, in their latest adventure on the basketball
court. Justin Gray is not adapting well- yet - to his point guard duties,
as he had 10 turnovers.

So far, they've barely survived Winston-Salem State, struggled with
Mississippi Valley State, and George Mason. Not exactly murderer's row, is

Virginia played Concordia Friday night, winning
in Dave Leitao's first outing with the Cavaliers.

had no trouble with Virginia Union
, winning 89-59, behind James Gist, who
scored 17 points and snatched 10 boards.

On Saturday, Virginia Tech faces Bowling Green, and Sunday, they get Western
Carolina, as part of the NABC Classic.

Incidentally, if you missed it, and we did, Tech has booted Hyman Taylor off
of the team.

That makes two players in two years Tech has brought in and kicked out.
On the one hand, you have to give them credit for drawing a line - there is
another program in Blacksburg which could learn a thing or two from that - but
on the other, you have to wonder how they managed to bring in two guys who can't
manage to follow the rules. When you are building, you have to take some
chances, but still, that's a point guard and a shotblocker in less than 12
months who are gone.

Down in Miami, the
Hurricanes have some new road unis
. Being done by Nike, naturally, they are
black. It seems to be a Nike theme when it comes to uniforms.

Here's an interview with FSU
freshman Casaan Breeden

Josh Powell, who left State after his sophomore year and went undrafted, has beaten the odds and made the Dallas Mavericks.

The Winston-Salem Journal has a ton of links posted, so here they are.

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    Clemson's Purnell would be OK with a mid-pack finish
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    #3: Can top-ranked Duke finish where it's starting?
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    Done: Pack has enough to make NCAA tourney again
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    #1: Can UNC recover from the loss of seven key players?
  • Question
    #2: Can Justin Gray replace Chris Paul at the point for Wake Forest?