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ACC Roundup

Maybe Wake's escape from Winston-Salem State wasn't a fluke after all - the
Deacons had a bit of a tussle with Mississippi Valley State Thursday night

before winning 78-64.

Tech had more luck against Radford,
winning 80-50. They say there
is no going back.
A bit of a
chip on the shoulder?
Maybe. But they have earned some respect.

is promising to return to their up-tempo game
, something a lot of people
thought Gary Williams had left behind when he became a better coach with Steve
Blake and Juan Dixon in the backcourt. Maryland's halfcourt game was
attributed to Williams' growth as a coach, so ditching it is a curious move, as
Skip Prosser might say.

The Atlanta paper says
B.C. will be the biggest story of the ACC season.
Could be, could
Too early to tell though, now isn't it?

Speaking of Atlanta, Georgia Tech lost a lot, but they
think they can be the surprise team in the ACC.

And while State has to overcome the loss of Julius Hodge, they
probably have enough talent to pull it off.

In Charlottesville, Dave Leitao is
trying to instill discipline and toughness
into a program sorely lacking it. He got so fed up he kicked everyone out of practice.