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Guessing Game, Updated!

>We picked up on some of the ideas being kicked around on the bulletin board
and incorporated some names into our guessing games list for the Olympic team

We are to a certain extent building with the notion that Greg Oden will be
part of the team. He has the potential to change the game. The last
guy to really do that was Michael Jordan.

Oden can defend an enormous amount of space by himself, being essentially a
one man zone in the lane. That would allow for pitbull perimeter defense
and would really change the formula not just for the Americans but for the rest
as well, because the normal thing is to either dribble penetrate or pass around
for an open three. If you can't penetrate, you have no choice but to play
for the three. And if you have Tayshaun Prince, Shane Battier, Ron Artest
and Kobe Bryant dogging your every step, the threes aren't so easy either.

Let The Guessing Game Begin!
Yes Maybe No Hell No
Shane Battier Alan Iverson Shaquille O' Neal Carmelo Anthony
LeBron James Gerald Green Kris Humphries Bonzi Wells
Kobe Bryant Dwight Howard Rashad McCants Eddie Griffin
Greg Oden Bobby Jackson Kwame Brown Josh Smith
Tayshaun Prince Antwan Jamison Tyson Chandler
Wally Szczerbiak Kyle Korver Brendan Haywood
Dwyane Wade Shaun Livingston
Ben Wallace Elton Brand
Deron Williams Corey Maggette
Luke Walton Carlos Boozer
Emeka Okafor Nate Robinson
Gilbert Arenas Morris Peterson
Salim Stoudamire Paul Pierce
Amare Stoudemire Baron Davis
Ben Gordon Ron Artest
Josh Howard Steve Blake
Julius Hodge Nick Collison
Andre Miller Danny Granger
Chauncey Billups Ray Allen
Mike Bibby Michael Redd
Tim Duncan Richard Hamilton
Jarrett Jack
Chris Paul