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ACC Roundup

In Tuesday night's only ACC game, Maryland
had little trouble with Mt. St. Mary's, 85-53
, and will now turn their
attention to Ol' Roy's team, or the guy Gary Williams likes to needle as
"the Williams who hasn't won a national championship."

School Conference Overall
Duke 1-0 9-0
North Carolina 1-0 12-1
Wake Forest 1-0 12-1
Maryland 1-0 8-2
Georgia Tech 0-0 9-2
Miami 0-0 9-2
NC State 0-0 10-3
Virginia 0-1 8-2
Clemson 0-1 8-4
Florida State 0-1 8-6
Virginia Tech 0-1 6-5

That matchup isn't until the weekend, but there should be a
lot of buildup during the week. Ol' Roy says his
boys are in bootcamp
, and there are no pesky classes to distract them.

Our guess is that he's on his best behavior this week, because
UNC is not a team to take lightly or taunt.

Here are some quotes
from the Maryland game.

Pete Gillen and UVa have the Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky
in next, and Pete's
. After the Wake game, he should be, although Adrian
Joseph is clearly a bright spot.

While we realize conference play hasn't really started yet, at least not in
earnest, take a look at who has the sixth-best record. Who'd a thunk