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ACC Roundup

We didn't get to see the second half of the Wake-Virginia
game, but it sounds worse and worse the more we read about it. To judge by
this article,
the Cavs just basically gave up
. That's a pity, really.

School Conference Overall
Duke 1-0 9-0
North Carolina 1-0 12-1
Wake Forest 1-0 12-1
Maryland 1-0 8-2
Georgia Tech 0-0 9-2
Miami 0-0 9-2
NC State 0-0 10-3
Virginia 0-1 8-2
Clemson 0-1 8-4
Florida State 0-1 8-6
Virginia Tech 0-1 6-5

Maryland takes on Mt. St. Mary's tonight in the only ACC
action available, and
Travis Garrison says that he needs to get more emotional f
or his team to win
(WAPO, reg. required).

Sean Singletary lived up to expectations
? Better question maybe: are the
expectations fair? State
and UVa have both dropped out of the Top 25, while B.C. has moved in.
So can
the ACC claim partial credit? Seems fair to us, given the ugly things Big East
types have been saying about B.C. since ACC expansion. UNC, Wake, and Duke
are 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively. Not bad!

Incidentally, Jarrett Jack and Adrian Joseph of UV are
the ACC player or the week and rookie of the week respectively.

Al Featherston has a tremendous article up on the
new ACC schedule
and when it's fair and when it may not be.