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ACC Roundup

Ain't the ACC a kick in the head? Maryland clears a path
for Wake Forest, but the Deacs can't capitalize and lose to Georgia Tech in
overtime in possibly the best ACC game of the season thus far. For
whatever reason, they appear to have a mojo on Chris Paul, who has yet to have a
good game against Tech.

School Conference Overall
Duke 5-1 15-1
North Carolina 5-1 16-2
Wake Forest 4-2 16-3
Virginia Tech 4-2 11-6
Miami 4-3 13-5
Maryland 3-3 12-5
Georgia Tech 3-3 12-5
Florida State 3-4 11-9
NC State 2-4 12-7
Virginia 1-6 10-7
Clemson 1-6 10-9

And speaking of Tech, it was the easiest call in the world to
see a surging Virginia Tech would take out UVa in their first-ever ACC home
game. Virginia now falls to 1-6 in the conference, and it's going to be
really hard for Pete Gillen to survive. The speculation has already begun,
in fact, with UVa
grad Dan Bonner being stumped as to who might take over.

he rightly rules out Bobby Gonzalez, here are a couple of names to consider:
Mike Montgomery and Rick Majerus. Montgomery is currently employed, of
course, but losing with the Warriors might get on his nerves by the end of the
year (and he could also get dumped). UVa would be the perfect landing spot
for him. And Majerus, who in recent days feels free to say just about
anything, from saying Jay Bilas' shirt selection was that of a guy who would get
out of a shower to take a leak, to his recent suggestion that Miss Ashley Judd
would serve in lieu of a visit to a porn store. His loose lips might cost
him if he keeps it up, but no one doubts his ability, and Virginia just might
appeal to him.

Who else? Hmmm....Bobby Lutz (Lotz?) from Charlotte? The
academics might bug him, but he's done a great job there. Davidson's Bob
McKillop? He'd be a great fit, and the guy is obviously a superb coach.

On the other hand, with the new barn, entertainment will be a
high priority, so perhaps they'll go with someone who can really put some zip in
the game. Karl Hobbs, anyone?

No doubt A.D. Craig Littlepage has a short list in his desk drawer.

Everyone is off until Saturday, when N.C. State (which one?) goes to Clemson,
Miami to Wake, and UNC heads to Charlottesville to most likely add to Pete
Gillen's misery.