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Amaker Suspends Horton Amid Allegations Of Domestic Violence

Tommy Amaker has done a masterful job of coaching around
injuries this season. Now, though, Michigan has suspended star guard
Daniel Horton after he was charged with domestic violence.

Tom Izzo
refused to comment on the allegations, but he says he
and Amaker are long-time friends, and he likes the job he has done at Michigan
and that the rivalry is not as bitter and mean as it once was.

is accused of choking his girlfriend
. Just to fit it into Michigan's injury
theme, he also wrenched a knee last time out.

As it turns out, Horton was exposed to domestic violence early
in life, having seen his mother get beaten when he was a youngster.
This article has some insights about Horton that you probably wouldn't see
anywhere else just now
. There's no excusing or accepting battering
women, but it's pretty clear that there's more to the story than the stereotypes
we so quickly stick to athletes. Here's hoping he finds proper ways to deal with his issues, and,
needless to say, that his alleged victim is okay, not harshly traumatized, and
able to put this behind her once all this is over, which we're sure can't happen
soon enough. There can't be anything much worse than having someone you
trust hurt you in such a way.