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ACC Roundup

Elder is still not ready to return to the court.
Apparently he did return
to practice, and reinjured his hamstring, so no one knows for sure when he'll be
ready. It won't be in time for Wake Forest.

School Conference Overall
Duke 5-0 15-0
North Carolina 5-1 16-2
Wake Forest 4-1 16-2
Virginia Tech 3-2 10-6
Miami 3-3 12-5
Georgia Tech 2-3 11-5
Maryland 2-3 11-5
NC State 2-3 12-6
Florida State 2-4 10-9
Virginia 1-5 10-6
Clemson 1-5 10-8

Seth Greenberg may be ill, but
his team is thriving,
all things considered. It's a long way to the
end of the regular season, but Virginia Tech has done very well so far.

Gillen says attrition has made his job a bit tougher.
He's lost a number of
recruits over the last few years, and he's probably right, that would make it
tougher. On the other hand, if you recruit wisely, you'll have less
problems. It's safe to say now that some of his recruits, including Keith
Jenifer, were mistakes.

Mike DeCourcy has some interesting thoughts on the
ACC and post-season bids
, not all of which is good news.

For UNC, Marvin Williams has definitely been good news. And unlike a
lot of young players, he's
really worked hard to become a good shooter

Stewart Mandel says that Virginia
Tech and Miami have helped the ACC
(and vice-versa, of course), and that he,
for one, won't be so quick to assume that the Big East will supplant the ACC
next season. Wouldn't it be funny if football ended up just the same and
basketball only grew stronger?

Miami, though, is reeling after a couple of big losses to Duke and UNC,
and Frank
Haith is concerned that his team might be down
. You think?