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More on Duke-UNC

As a reminder, the big game in the Dean Dome is tonight, televised on
ESPN2. The N&O has an article about the game, where All-Thug team member
Leah Metcalf notes that the Heels will be as physical as
they can until the refs "make them dial it back." Observers with long
memories will recall that Metcalf set her elbow and jabbed it into Iciss
Tillis' ribcage a couple of years ago, and elbowed Alana Beard in the
throat and then slugged her in the stomach late in the game during last
year's ACC Championship. Of course, if she tries that trick on Monique
Currie, she's likely to be very surprised.

Speaking of Mo, here's an AP story on her with relation to the big game
tonight. She notes that she hasn't made up her mind with
regard to the WNBA as of yet, and will do so after the season ends.

The Chronicle weighs in with a preview and some analysis on Alison Bales.