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ACC Roundup

We've gotten a few e-mails from Virginia Tech fans taking us to task for
saying there was "no way" they'd win at Georgia Tech. We really
didn't think they could. This is a team, after all, that's lost to
VMI, St. John's, and wasn't overwhelming vs. JMU and Morgan State. But
after losing to FSU, they are now 3-1 in the ACC, including the shocker at
Tech. And may we say: thanks! Knocking Georgia Tech down a bit is
very helpful! And we admire the spirit Tech has shown thus far. To
be in fourth place, even though it's still early, is remarkable. You guys
are fitting right in, and definitely have the ACC spirit. Seth Greenberg
is doing an incredible job thus far.

School Conference Overall
Duke 5-0 15-0
North Carolina 5-1 16-2
Wake Forest 4-1 16-2
Virginia Tech 3-2 10-6
Miami 3-3 12-5
Maryland 2-2 11-4
Georgia Tech 2-3 11-5
Florida State 2-4 10-9
NC State 1-3 11-6
Virginia 1-5 10-6
Clemson 1-5 10-8

As for Tech, while the New Tech has won three straight, the old Tech
has lost three straight. It coincides with the injury to B.J. Elder, but
come on, that's a deep team. They should be able to deal with an injury.
Three straight - UNC is understandable, but losing to N.C. State and Virginia
Tech just suggests blood in the water. The ACC sharks are circling.

Injuries, and in the case of Virginia, suspensions, are really a big theme
this year. Duke has had three big injuries to go along with Luol Deng and
Shaun Livingston in the NBA, State has had a tough time with Cameron Bennerman
being the latest to go down, Tech's had Elder, Maryland has D.J.
Strawberry, UNC had a relatively minor injury to Raymond Felton, UVa had a
serious ankle injury to Devin Smith, and Jason Clark is done for the year
academically. That's a lot to deal with.

UNC beat Miami with ease, but Roy Williams was not happy. At one point,
he was so mad he refused to attend the timeout he called. But a win is a

In Cincinnati, Skip Prosser beat Bob Huggins, as he usually seems to do,
behind a big game from Eric Williams, who had 29, and clutch free throws from
Taron Downey, presumably without the throat-slashing gesture.

UVa finally won a game in-conference, defeating Clemson, 81-79. 1-5 -
things are looking up!

The Sunday night Fox game features a crippled N.C. State team at
Maryland. Why crippled? Well, Tony Bethel is still iffy (colitis), Cameron
Bennerman is out with an elbow, Ilian Evtimov is still not 100% after off-season
knee surgery, and the team in general seems to lack a sense of direction, not to
mention clutch play.

Maryland, on the other hand, is missing pitbull D.J. Strawberry, and has Duke
after State. Could they be looking ahead? Seems unlikely, but you
never know.

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