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ACC Roundup

The buildup to Saturday's game is beginning. Here's an article
about Justin
Gray's willingness to shoot, and the hot streak he's been on

School Conference Overall
North Carolina 3-0 14-1
Wake Forest 3-0 14-1
Duke 2-0 12-0
Georgia Tech 2-1 11-3
Miami 2-1 11-3
Maryland 1-2 9-4
Clemson 1-2 10-5
Florida State 1-2 9-7
NC State 0-2 10-5
Virginia Tech 0-2 7-6
Virginia 0-3 9-4

Virginia is next up for Duke, and while
they're struggling
at 0-3 in conference, it's not like they're giving up.
But things
are grim at the moment.
If there was ever a time to pull it together, this
is it

As we get to know Miami and Virginia Tech, we naturally learn
more about their players. So here's an article about Tech's
Carlos Dixon.

For UNC, a lot of the fun in winning and winning big is had by
the guys who never play.

Brett Friedlander of the Fayetteville Observer is blunt enough to say the
reason Duke beat State is because
Julius Hodge was selfish.

In what should be an interesting game on Saturday, and a big contrast of
styles, with Temple's deliberate style vs. Maryland's go-go mentality.
Perhaps the keys to this game, tempo aside, are turnovers and inside play.
Temple really doesn't turn the ball over much, and they are a big team.
Interesting game, and Temple's third with an ACC opponent this season, having
played (and lost to) Duke and Wake previously. Maryland is expecting
a reversal
of fortunes soon