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One For The Not-Quite Blue Crowd

We're obviously not UNC fans, but we don't mind talking about interesting
things UNC fans are doing. So
if you are a UNC fan, check out David Mauro's Franklin Galleries concept.

It seems like the kind of thing we'd support if we pulled for those hosers in
washed-out blue.

Hey, don't get mad, we just plugged a UNC business for free. Save your
e-mail for Mauro! Here's
his site.
Tell him DBR sent ya!

In all seriousness, UNC has a tremendous tradition, and it beats the heck out
of, say, Miami or Virginia Tech.

By the way, all you enterprising Duke pranksters, maybe you could figure out
a way to make the water in the Old Well come out Duke Blue on the first day of
class ;)