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Roof - Team Was Too Tight

Ted Roof says a big part of the problem against Navy was that
Duke was simply too tight.
Next up is UConn, and you think, oh, sure, UConn,
now there's a football school.

Unfortunately, UConn is much tougher than it appears. Randy Edsall is
building the program from the bottom up - if we're not mistaken, he has brought
them from 1-AA to 1-A, and had an impressive year last year, including a
tremendous game against N.C. State, if memory serves.

It's a young program, but UConn has made the commitment to be a solid
football school (hence the lawsuit against Miami when they bolted the Big East -
they built a wonderful new stadium with the idea that they would be competing
against the likes of Miami, Virginia Tech, and B.C. - so much for that).

Edsall has done a tremendous job, and UConn will definitely not be an easy