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Not A Pleasant Suggestion

According to Tom Lemming, who is billed as a football recruiting guru, Greg Paulus is 50/50 on whether he'll play football or basketball, and if he has a great season, will supposedly play football instead of basketball.

We realize that the unfortnately named Lemming is not part of the family, and may not know what he's talking about. And we hope that Paulus plays basketball at Duke, because he'd be a great fit. But if he truly isn't sure, then Duke should start to recruit other point possibilities, because they can't wait around for him to decide if he's really committed or not. What's the point of making a commitment if you don't mean it? That's not a comment on Paulus, but just in general: committing means you made a commitment. Lately it seems like that idea is really obsolete. Duke has committed to various people who haven't made the same commitment in return. Let's hope Paulus is not among them.