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Women's Captains Named

The captains for the women's team have been named and they are as follows: Lindsey Harding, Monique
Currie and Caitlin Howe. It's an interesting group, to say the least.
It was clear that Lindsey was quietly growing into this role last year,
and she should do a fine job of it her last two seasons. As Coach G
noted, the point guard is the natural leader of the team, and Lindsey has
been in control of the ball for most of her career. Mo is not the most
verbal of players, but she will lead by example as the team's star and
most physical player; she's also one of the team's oldest players as a
redshirt junior. Cait is the most interesting choice. A junior who has
only managed to play in a handful of games, she has earned the respect of
her teammates through her tireless efforts in returning from knee rehab.
She is a vocal presence and will most likely make her influence felt in
practice and with the coaches. Congratulations to all three.

With regard to the future, Abby Waner and Keturah Jackson will be making
their official visits this weekend. Both have given verbals to Duke,
forming an excellent class.