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Brittany Mitch and Carrem Gay Are Visiting This Weekend

have already committed to Duke are coming to campus this
weekend for their official visit: 6-2 guard Brittany Mitch and 6-2 forward
Carrem Gay. Mitch actually committed last March and plays for a top-notch
program in St John's. However, she is good friends with
Monique Currie and played at the Bullis School (the alma mater of Mo and
Kira Orr) for a couple of years. Gay plays for the legendary Christ the
King program in New York, the school that produced Chamique Holdsclaw and
Sue Bird.

Both are interesting players. Mitch is a very tall guard who has played
a lot of point in her career, especially for her AAU team (the Fairfax
Stars). She's also an excellent shooter. Gay can play either forward
position and will excel at Duke because of her quickness & toughness. At
the moment, she has the build of a taller Rochelle Parent--a slender but
hard-nosed player who will get better as she gets stronger. The bottom
line on both is that they are winners. Welcome to campus!