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Erin Catches Coach K In The Ozarks!

Erin Kretzschmar went to hear Coach K speak at the College of the Ozarks
and was impressed. Here are her thoughts and
a link on the speech

Needless to say, I loved hearing Coach K speak last night at College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO (just outside Branson). As soon as I finish up the roll of film in my camera and get them developed, I'll scan in some pics and send them your way. The attached link highlights the speech, as well as a brief press conference for the media. He talked about the five fingers becoming a fist (communication, trust, collective responsibility, caring, pride) and told game stories that I totally remember (the timeout before Christian's shot vs. Kentucky; Dunleavy's missed free throws vs. Stanford in 2000-01, then his :45 of three-point craziness in the Final Four, etc.).

He also told of a recent convo during a team meeting: He asked JJ if two were better than one . . . JJ knew K was setting him up but answered that in most cases two were better than one; K then replied that two is only better than one when the two together act as one . .

I need to get back to work, but I just wanted to thank you again for posting the MO speech
info and to pass along my initial thoughts on last evening.