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Wake, FSU, Pick Up Commitments

Wake Forest has another recruit in the truck,
6-3 Harvey Hale
of of Rio Grande High School in Albuquerque, New

We don't know how good he is, but a lot of ACC fans would be surprised to
learn that Albuquerque is a town with a huge passion for basketball. Most of it
centers around the University of New Mexico, but unlike neighboring states
Arizona and Texas, football and baseball don't suck up all the attention.

State also added a big man for the 2006 class,
picking up John Kreft,
younger brother of former Northwestern center Big Dan Kreft.

We have fond memories of Big Dan, because he was perhaps the first D-1 player
to create his own web page (and he did it all on his own), and he did it without
really asking for anyone's approval. So you got his raw and uncensored thoughts
about the game, his coaches, teamates, and life in general. He ran a
great, pioneering Website, and most athletes cannot even begin to touch what he

If his brother shares any of his spirit, the ACC will have an interesting guy
for a few years.