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An NBA Suggestion Or Two

It seems to us that the NBA has a fairly simple way to get out of the
terrible problems that the lack of fundamentals has brought about: why not write
fundamentals into the contracts?

They have clauses dealing with motorcycles, as we discovered to our sorrow
when Jason Williams had his terrible accident. Why not make part of the
contract incentive-based: if you master the basic fundamentals of the game, you
earn, say, 20% more. If you don't, that money is off the table. Alternatively,
if you hire a skills coach and show improvement, bonuses and incentives kick in.

We realize the union won't go for this, but frankly they are frequently
self-destructive. It's worth a shot.

Another idea we had is to limit each team to 10 dunks per game, and after the
10th dunk, each following dunk only counts one point. We like dunks, but
when the game is just a competition to slam it, it has lost something, and it
would force a different strategy at games-end.