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The Return Of Action Jackson

We're pleased to announce that Clint Jackson has started a new site of his
Clint, as you guys probably know, is one of the most enthusiastic recruiting
guys around. He's also one of the nicest, and it's impossible not to wish him
well in his new endeavor.

Unfortunately, from our point of view, it's a UNC site, but since Duke and
UNC typically go after many of the same players, it's a resource for Duke fans
too. Plus it's Clint, and he's user-friendly and more fun than a barrel of Mummy's. You can check his site
out now, though it's still being fleshed out. Currently, there is a
feature on Wayne Ellington. He's a UNC target, along with a lot of the
rest of the conference, but, well, Duke and Ellington just sort of go together,
you know?