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Wake, WSSU To Play Exhibition

With the recent decision to restrict who can be scheduled for college
exhibition games (no foreign teams, no touring teams, no AAU teams), about the
only way left to schedule a sure win is to bring in a D-II team, or a very minor
D-1 team. That's the logic behind WakeForest scheduling an exhibition game with Winston-Salem State.

The other part of it is that it is local and exceedingly cheap to bring them
in. The danger - and this is a real danger - is that schools like
Winston-Salem State and NCCU and Campbell have longed for this chance for
decades. Wake Forest - or Duke or UNC or whoever - will come into these
games and almost certainly not be able to match the intensity their opponent
will feel. They will probably still win, but for the smaller schools, the
traditionally black schools, and the others who get a shot, it's their Rocky
moment. Look out.