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Lakers Most Likely, But Still...

The general consensus on the playoffs seems
to be that the Lakers will win easily
, and we understand why people think
that. We're just not convinced - yet. The Lakers, of late, have made a
habit of playing just above the level of their competition. If it were a
college game, we'd bet the house on the Pistons, because they play harder. Plus, and no one seems to be really talking about this, Rasheed is back on the planet. He's been awfully quiet lately, which means his mind is probably focused on what he's doing. Good job, Larry!

It's different in a seven game series, though, sane Rasheed or no Rasheed.

Even so, we're not willing to
write the Pistons off just yet. Let's see if the Lakers can truly be champions,
or if they'll continue to cut corners.

Oh, by the way, the latest guy to (sort
of) admit the NBA has a serious problem?
Joe Dumars.