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Mitch, Waner to Youth Development Festival

Future Duke players Brittany Mitch and Abby Waner were invited to
participate in the Olympic Youth Development Festival. This is where Brittany Hunter
made her name a couple of years ago, and both Mitch (East team) and Waner
(West team) are both on talent-loaded squads. The East squad features
potential Duke targets Katrina Wheeler, Iman McFarland, Kia Vaughn, and
Yolanda Lavender. It also has former Duke targets Marissa Coleman and
Kristi Toliver, both of whom recently verballed to Maryland.

The West team has potential Duke targets Erica Arriaran and Ashley &
Courtney Paris. The South team features potential Dukies Keturah Jackson,
Juanita Ward, Angel Robinson, LaToya Bullard and Mariana Mergerson, while
the North has Kia Vaughn. I'll have much more on all of these players in
my 2004 recruiting guide. The event runs from June 18th-20th.