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CERT Advisory on IE

CERT has issued a warning for
users of Internet Explorer. There is a vulnerability that allows users to exploit scripts in different security domains. A malicious hacker could run the script in the Local Machine Zone, and execute arbitrary code with your user privileges.

There are some recommended workarounds:

  1. Disable Active Scripting and ActiveX
  2. Apply the Outlook Security Patch (You are patching your machines regularly, aren't you?)
  3. Read and send email in plain text
  4. Maintain updated anti-virus software
  5. Do not follow uncolicted links
  6. Use a different browser

The CERT page has instructions on disabling ActiveX and Active Scripting. If you opt to get a different browser, DBR recommends Mozilla.

Note: We have also put this message in a one-time pop-up for IE users.