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Two Good UNC Reads, Eventually

Two interesting articles in the News & Observer about UNC hoops - one is
about Roy
Williams and his effort to try and restore the bonds
between UNC players and
the program. Some were put off by Matt Doherty's time at UNC. And
the other is about Doherty,
who says inexperience was his undoing, that he
didn't know how to manage people. Well, give him the benefit of the doubt
to some extent, but there was one published account about how he saw Jackie
Manuel shooting and asked what he was doing. When Manuel said he was
trying to improve his shot, Doherty took him to a TV, played tapes, and ripped
him a new one about how his offense sucked and shooting was a waste of
time. Basically, he humiliated the kid.

Part of it can be put down to inexperience, but even at 22, Tommy Amaker
would never have done that. Nor would have Buzz Peterson, Derek
Whittenberg, Bobby Cremins, or most people with some awareness of how to get
along with others.

Incidentally, the Williams link was broken early, so here's
the general link to N&O sports.
Our guess is as soon as someone
checks the e-mail or voice-mail they'll fix it.