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Basketball Ticket Update!

You may remember, as part of our basketball ticket tradition, we
endorsed Barry Jacobs for office recently.
Mostly the basketball
ticket is a joke, but we were serious in this case. The primary is coming
up next month, and if you live in N.C. District 50, you have a rare
opportunity: you get to vote for an honest politician. Here's hoping you
do (we posted this originally on Sunday thinking the primary was in June, because who would have a primary in July? Hint: there are lawsuits involved).

Here are some other people who have connections to the basketball world who
are running for office, among them Paul Carrington, a professor of law at
Duke. Bill Lee, who is running for governor of Delaware, is also running,
and RobMacKenna is running for Supervisor of Elections in Hillsborough County,
and as we all know, Florida elections can be a bit bizarre.

Paul Carrington NC State Senate 18
SW Durham Co, Chatham, and Lee Cos.
Barry Jacobs State House 50
Orange & Caswell Co.
Bill Lee Governor of Delaware
Rob MacKenna Supervisor of Elections
Hillsborough Co, FL